The NIR multi-spectral sensor enables detection, differentiation and monitoring of organic materials in production processes!

The new fibre optic moisture sensor! Contactless, compact, robust. Also for places difficult to access and harsh environments

Highest sensing and operating ranges; in robust metal cylinder or GRP case

Farb Kontrastmessung

Differential & contrast sensors for flying splice or individual applications

Enables sensor applications in demanding industrial environments

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Sensorik Austria is an internationally renowned supplier of high-performance sensors for object recognition with innovative sensor and fibre optic technology. We offer fibre optic sensors and other professional sensor technology for use in a wide variety of industrial sectors and mechanical engineering.

When developing its products, Sensorik Austria often uses proven fibre optic technology (FO). The fibre optic cables make it possible to transmit light signals to places that are difficult to access or in harsh environmental conditions, where the use of sensor electronics would otherwise hardly be possible.

Fibre optic sensors are used, for example, in environments with high temperatures, heavy pollution or in potentially explosive working environments (ATEX). We offer fibre optic sensors for object recognition, material recognition and moisture measurement!

Our company is well known for its sophisticated solutions based on fibre-optic sensors, which are used worldwide in a wide variety of industrial sectors and in mechanical engineering.




Where conventional sensors are no longer sufficient, you can use a photo sensor from Sensorik Austria, which is characterized by highest performance and robustness. This is the case when, for example, scanning distances of several meters are required or a light barrier has to be set up over longer distances. Our products are also the first choice when it comes to high resistance to pollution.

Our photo sensors and light barriers master even the most demanding tasks reliably and are used e. g. in metal, paper and plastic industry, in special machine engineering and in crane technology. You can rely on more than 30 years of experience and a portfolio of high-temperature sensors that can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions!

Heavy-duty fibre-optic cables
Sensorik Austria manufactures fibre optic cables (optical fibres) for demanding sensor applications:

  • extreme lengths and/or thicknesses
  • coatings for highest demands
  • many customer-specific special solutions

More power, less losses, higher robustness – this is what distinguishes our heavy-duty fibre-optic cables. Also custom-made products are possible.

Reliable sensors for extreme temperatures
Our powerful photo sensors, combined with specialized fibre optics, provide reliable devices that can withstand both high temperatures and heavy contamination – in paper machines or rolling mills as well as cutting or forging machines and in many other areas of application. Let our sensor specialists advise you!


The new NIR sensor tri²dent™ (pronounced “tri-ident”) offers a completely new concept: this multi-wavelength sensor works according to the NIR spectrometer principle in spectral ranges apart from the conventionally used ones and reacts to specific chemical characteristics of the measuring objects.

For example, the sensor can be used as a material sensor to distinguish between materials or to monitor the concentration of ingredients. It can also be used as a moisture sensor for measuring the moisture of transparent or semi-transparent materials. The tri2dent™ sensor platform can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the particular customer.

Innovative sensors and robust fibre-optic cables directly from the expert
Sensorik Austria is regarded as a leading specialist for high-performance sensors and fibre optic applications. Proven standards for diverse industrial sectors are an important pillar in our company portfolio. If you are not satisfied with “off-the-shelf” products, you have come to the right place!

We would be pleased to consult you about our range of products and services. Our experts will advise you on individual solutions with powerful and innovative optical sensors as well as fibre-optic technology for your specific requirements.