SensoWeb „Edge-analogue“

SensoWeb “Edge-analogue” detects the web by means of a special fibre optic cable over a detection range of up to 200 mm and outputs the position as an analogue signal. This allows to precisely determine the position of the web edge and to exactly adjust it.

Measuring principle:

SensoWeb Edge consists of a measuring fork, a heavy-duty fibre optic cable with a special light cross-section and a special infrared sensor FSP60W. The measuring fork is positioned at a distance of about 15 cm above the felt and works according to the reflection principle. The sensor is mounted in a protected area and connected to the measuring fork by means of fibre glass optics.

Your advantages:

  • contactless
  • big measuring range
  • more precise regulation
  • high precision
  • suitable for high temperatures
Technical specifications SensoWeb “Edge-analogue”
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Output 4-20 mA
Connection clamps/ plug
Fibre optics length up to 10 m
Working distance ca. 150 mm
Operation temperature up to 150°C on the measuring side
Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Edge Analog

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