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Web edge control - web edge monitoring in the high temperature area

Detecting the web edge of high-speed endless tapes such as a felt in a paper machine is no easy task:

  • mechanical switches wear out and can also affect the web edge;
  • horizontal oscillation often cannot be controlled with sufficient precision by means of a digital switch;
  • sophisticated measuring systems cannot withstand high environmental stress caused by temperature, moisture and pollution.

We offer you two fibre-optic sensor systems which can reliably detect web edges even in high-temperature areas for the secondary control:

Technical specifications SensoWeb „Edge-binary“ SensoWeb „Edge-analogue“
EFS 2000
Supply voltage 12-30 VDC 24 VDC / 230 VAC 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Output PNP / NPN change-over relay / PNP 4-20 mA
Connection cable/ plug clamps / plug clamps / plug
Fibre optics length up to 13 m up to 10 m
Working distance 100 – 500 mm ca. 150 mm

SensoWeb Edge Datasheet


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