Photo sensors

The FSP 60 series was developed for extreme environmental conditions like those in the paper industry:

  • extremely high light output offers maximum reserve against pollution, even with long fibre optic cable
  • sensors are effectively protected from harsh environmental influences such as vapours, dust, etc. by a robust case, and
  • predestined for use at high temperatures in combination with glass fibre optic cables
  • pollution control via intensity display on the sensor case or via an analogue intensity signal

FSP60 photo sensors are available in 24VDC / 115VAC / 230VAC versions, plug or cable connection as well as with different outputs (transistor, relay, analogue). For further details please refer to the datasheets below.

FSP60 sensors can be used as reflectance sensors when used stand alone  or in combination with a suitable guide as fibre optic reflectance sensors or fibre optic light barriers.

Technical specifications FSP 60 series (depending on type)
Pollution control intensity display/ analogue signal/ FR signal *
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 115 VAC / 230 VAC
Outputs 2x transistor / change-over relay/ relay; opt. 4-20 mA
Connection clamp connection / plug
Switching frequency 15 Hz / 1 kHz / 5 kHz
Switching distance up to 6 m

* … Pollution alarm signal: change-over relay (COR) or PNP

Sensorik Austria - Lichttaster - FSP60


  • big switching distance: up to 2.2 m or 5 m (with/without fibre optic cable)
  • high pollution reserve
  • extended possibilities of pollution monitoring
  • particularly sturdy
  • variety of configurations
  • predestined for use with glass fibre optics

Application examples:

  • Break detection in paper machines

FSP 60 Datasheet

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