Reflectance sensors / high-performance photo sensors

Our high-performance photo sensors (reflectance sensors) are predestined for special requirements: They have the highest light intensity for maximum measuring range and/or functional reserve.

The EFS series in the classic metal cylinder case is available in 3 versions (measuring range without fibre optics):

  • EFS 1800 with measuring range up to 1,000 mm
  • EFS 2000 with measuring range up to 3,500 mm

EFS Sensors are available in a variety of configurations: infrared or red light / green light, different radiation widths, different switching outputs and connections. Please refer to the datasheets below for more details.

EFS sensors can be used as reflectance sensors when used stand alone or in combination with a suitable light guide as fibre optic reflectance sensors or fibre optic light barriers.

Technical specifications EFS series
Version Type of light
Case size
Function Switching distance
EFS 1800 infrared/ red M18 x 80 mm 1 kHz up to 1,000 mm
EFS 2000 infrared / red / green M30 x 115 mm 100 Hz / 1kHz up to 3,500 mm
Sensorik Austria - Hochleistungssensoren - EFS


  • big switching distance: up to 2.5 m or 6 m (with/without fibre optic cable)
  • high pollution reserve
  • extended possibilities of pollution monitoring
  • particularly sturdy

Application examples:

  • Object recognition for forging machines, cutting machines etc.
  • Monitoring of slabs, billets in rolling mills
  • Filling level detection for foaming liquids
  • Spray nozzle monitoring

EFS 2000 Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - EFS 2000 - Datasheet

EFS 1800 Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - EFS 1800 - Datasheet

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