High-performance reflectance sensors for use in industry

Reflectance sensors  from Sensorik Austria are particularly distinguished by their high light output. They allow working distances of up to 6 m without fibre optics or 2.5 m with them. In contrast to laser scanners, the light ray scans a broader measuring spot and therefore won´t be affected by local irregularities or steam. Fibre optic reflectance sensors are used in combination with suitable light guides for particularly harsh environmental conditions. Learn more about the practical high-performance reflectance sensors, how they work and which special types we can offer you!

Reflectance sensors: functional principles and properties

In contrast to light barriers, reflectance sensors operate on a reflection principle. The sensor emits (mostly) infrared light, which is reflected as soon as an object enters into the light cone. As soon as the intensity of the reflected light exceeds the set threshold value, the high-performance reflectance sensor triggers a switching operation. Reflectance sensors only evaluate the intrinsic light, extraneous light is left out of consideration.

Your advantages: Products from Sensorik Austria are very robust and installed in a stable case. This means that they can be used for a wide range of applications. For example, the reflectance sensors of the EFS series are widely used in the metal industry and in a big variety of other industrial sectors, while the FSP60 is mainly used in the paper industry. There they offer special possibilities for monitoring the pollution of the sensor optics by means of an alarm signal, intensity display or analogue intensity signal.

The sensors of both the EFS series and the FSP series are also available as fibre optic sensors.

In reflectance sensor applications, it is always important to check whether objects are to be detected against a background, as that also reflects light to the sensor. Not in all cases this aspect can be taken into account by reducing the sensor sensitivity without affecting the long-term reliability of the measurement. For such cases, we also offer special sensors with extended background suppression options. These can be found here.

High-quality sensor technology from Sensorik Austria: reflectance sensors and light barriers

In combination with fibre optics our heavy duty light guides, high performance reflectance sensors from Sensorik Austria can also be used under the most demanding industrial conditions. In addition, we offer you special accessories that also work in extreme environments: air flushing  for the sensor head, lens optics for an even greater measurement range or water-cooled heat sinks. Are you planning an application and a disturbing background is behind the object to be detected? Use the practical fibre optic reflectance sensors with background suppression! Contact us if you are looking for a specific sensor for a tailor-made solution. We deliver a satisfying result for (almost) every challenge! We are always available to advise you and would be pleased to help you.

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