Passive sensor FOT30

FOT 30 sensor has been specially designed to detect independent light sources: it detects the light emitted by them and compares its intensity with the threshold value set by a potentiometer. If this threshold is exceeded, the sensor detects that a light source is present in the monitored area and switches.

Sensitivity of the sensor can be pre-set by means of switches in 2 levels: 0-95 % or 95-100 % and thus adapted to different applications.

The sensor is available in IR or visible light versions and can also be used with fibre optics.

Sensorik Austria - Passivsensor FOT30

Application examples:

  • Flame detection
  • Part recognition in steel mills
  • Spark monitoring in air exhaust ducts
Technical specifications Passive sensor FOT30
Supply voltage 12-30 VDC
Output PNP: ON, SP / 3-8 V
Connection cable/ plug
Fibre optics length optional, up to 20 m
Working distance depending on light source
Operating temperature up to 50 °C

FOT 30 Datasheet


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