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Passive sensors for detecting external light sources

Detection of light from independent light sources is important for a number of industrial processes: be it for object recognition of glowing metals or for monitoring of electric arcs, sparks or the like.

Conventional photo sensors won´t do for that job, as they are designed to ignore light from external light sources and to accept only the reflection of their own light impulses. But with our passive sensor FOT 30 we may offer you a suitable solution.

Sensorik Austria - glühende Objekte - FOT30

Reliable detection of external light sources

Our passive sensor  FOT 30 is an industrial sensor for detecting independent light sources: the sensor in a compact metal case evaluates received light regardless of its source and switches when the light intensity received exceeds the switching threshold adjusted by means of the potentiometer.

Passive sensors can be equipped for visible or near infrared range and are available with transistor or relay output; in addition, we offer versions with analogue output (3-8V), which allow easy measurement of the luminous intensity of light sources.

FOT 30 can also be used with fibre optics, which can be supplied in lengths of over 20 m and with different protective tubes or end sleeves (see fibre optic cables). Passive sensors can thus be used, for example, to detect the presence of red-hot metals.

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