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SensoWeb "Trian"

SensoWeb “Trian” is especially used for areas with high pollution as well as disturbing objects on open run, e. g. in the press section, at airturn, coater etc. or for paper recognition via pulper. By placing up to 6 sensor systems parallel also cross profile monitoring over the entire paper width has already been implemented for the protection of the nip rolls.

The air-flushable sensor head can withstand even high levels of pollution and makes it possible to suppress disturbing backgrounds without reducing the light intensity!

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Trian

Your advantages at a glance:

  • for challenging environments
  • detects paper on open run
  • enables efficient background suppression
  • focusing is possible due to triangulation method (0-800 mm)
  • for dry and wet sections
  • also available in double-trian version
  • up to 1.8 m cantilever length

SensoWeb “Trian” is the solution for difficult applications in the press and dryer section!

SensoWeb Trian Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb - Trian

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