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SensoWeb "compact" & SensoWeb "LB"

We use our high-performance sensors without fibre optics outside of the extreme areas such as dryer section, press section or coater:

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Compact

SensoWeb "Compact"

  • enables working distances of up to 5 m
  • prevents optical short circuit in case of pollution
  • and can also be equipped with an air flushing device

SensoWeb "LB"

  • high-performance retro-reflective light barrier with measuring range of 30 m
  • offers enormous pollution reserves
  • enables paper (web /sheet) break detection on open run, even if only narrow gaps are available
  • with type FSP30-7 the light barrier is insensitive to extraneous light

SensoWeb Compact Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Compact - Datenblatt

SensoWeb LB Datasheet


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