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Paper break sensors - Sheet break detectors

Our paper break sensors (or sheet break detectors / web break detectors) were specially developed for harsh environmental conditions in paper machine and have been further optimized over many years:

Due to the fibre-optic concept, the sensors can be placed in more moderate areas, the high-performance sensors enable high pollution reserves, the robust fibre optic cables minimize light losses and are also optimally protected against mechanical stress!

And our new and innovative sensor concept for single-tier dryer sections distinguishes between paper and fabric on a material instead of colour basis and allow successful application right after the press!

Our sophisticated sensor systems enable reliable paper break detection (sheet or web break detection) in around 200 paper and board machines worldwide, even at high temperatures, moisture, pollution etc.!

Learn on the following pages about various products,  which has been optimized for different application areas.

Sensorik Austria - Papiermaschine
Technical specifications SensoWeb „Felt“ SensoWeb „Standard“/„Slalom“/„Trian“ SensoWeb „Compact“ SensoWeb „LB-01“ / „LB-02“
Principle material detection light / dark switch light barrier
Switching frequency 19 Hz 15 Hz 100 Hz
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Outputs 2 x change-over relay; 2 x 4-20 mA FSP60A2: 2 x change-over relay/  FSP60A3 & A4: add. 2 x 4-20 mA 2 x change-over relay
Connection clamps clamps/ plug clamps/ plug clamps/ plug
Fibre optics length up to 15 m up to 25 m on request
Air flushing integrated cantilever Slalom (opt. Trian) opt. opt.
Background suppression cantilever Trian
Insensitive to extraneous light yes yes yes LB-02 (FSP30-7-..)
Working distance 200 mm 100-1,000 mm up to 6 m up to 30 m

Your advantages at a glance

  • extremely robust systems, proven in thousands of applications
  • highest performance and long service life
  • excellent pollution resistance
  • high functional reliability
  • innovative sensor concept
  • no functional hazard after felt colour changes
  • without susceptible reflectors
  • analogue or digital pollution control
  • long-term investment security due to repair service

Industry solutions

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