Fibre-optic moisture sensors

tri²dent “moist” enables contactless moisture measurement even under demanding measuring situations and comparatively large working distances (10 cm and more!). Due to our multi-channel technology, tri²dent “moist” offers high measuring accuracy and a wide measuring range! Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more industries are recognizing the benefits of moisture measurement and are asking us for a suitable measuring system!

Sensorik Austria - Tri²dent Feuchtesensor
Technical specifications Tri²dent Moist
Measuring principle near infrared
Measuring range 0-100 % of moisture
Measuring accuracy depending on product
Resolution 0,1 %
Measuring time adjustable
Measuring distance depending on application, up to 100 mm
Light source IR-LED
Detector photodiode
Operating temperature sensor up to 40 °C, sensor head up to 200 °C
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Outputs up to 4 analogue (4…20 mA)
Protection IP54

Application examples:

  • Measurement of residual moisture before extruder or similar
  • Moisture measurement of agricultural clippings
  • Moisture measurement after coating lines
  • Moisture measurement in roasting processes
  • Measurement/monitoring of condensation on surfaces
  • and much more

Tri²dent Moist Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - Tri²dent Moist- Datasheet

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