SensoWeb Moist - for moisture measurement along a paper machine

The measurement of the material moisture is of great importance for the optimized process control in paper, board and pulp production: e. g. in order to set the suitable residual moisture for easy and reliable threading of the paper tailor to control the dewatering effects of the press. This can also contribute to reducing energy costs in the energy-intensive processes in the press and/or dryer section.

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Moist


Sensorik Austria offers customers in paper industry special sensor systems for moisture measurement, which are based on the proven multi-channel technology and can be used even under harsh environmental conditions:

  • Thanks to the fibre optic setup, sensors can be used practically at any position in and outside the dryer section
  • Heavy duty fibreoptic cables with lengths of up to 15 m enable the sensor electronics to be positioned in less exposed places
  • Special sensor heads with integrated air flushing successfully handle high levels of pollution
  • Newly developed holders facilitate positioning and alignment of the cantilever with the sensor head
  • The fibre-optic concept also permits the placement of several sensors across the width of the paper web or traversing across the paper web!
Technical specifications SensoWeb Moist
Measuring principle near infrared
Measuring range 0-100 % of moisture
Measuring accuracy depending on product
Resolution 0,1 %
Measuring time adjustable
Measuring distance depending on application, up to 200 mm
Light source IR-LED
Detector photodiode
Operating temperature sensor up to 50 °C, sensor head up to 200 °C
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Outputs up to 4 analogue (4…20 mA)
Protection IP65

Application examples:

• Paper machine: after press/input pre-dryer section, within pre-dryer section, output pre-dryer section, after film press/input after-dryer section, output after-dryer section
• Moisture measurement of the feedstrip
• Optimization of moisture in the edge area of the paper web
• Coater: readjustment of the coating application
• Corrugated board production: moisture measurement before glueing

SensoWeb MOIST Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - SensoWeb Moist - Datasheet

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