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Material moisture measurement

Moisture sensors for measuring of material moisture are of great importance for optimized process control in many industries. Optical methods are becoming increasingly important, as they have the advantage of working contactless and having no influence on the object being measured.
And still better: Our fibre-optic moisture sensors can be used even in areas that are difficult to access and under harsh environmental conditions!

Find out more about our specialized sensor systems:

  • tri²dent “moist”: for use in practically all industrial sectors
  • SensoWeb “moist”: specially for use in paper and pulp production
Technical specifications tri²dent „Moist“ SensoWeb „Moist“
Measuring principle near infrared near infrared
Measuring range 0-100 % of moisture 0-100 % of moisture
Measuring accuracy depending on product depending on product
Resolution 0,1 % 0,1 %
Measuring time adjustable adjustable
Measuring distance depending on application, up to 100 mm depending on application, up to 200 mm
Air flushing integrated
Fibre optics up to 5 m up to 15 m
Operating temperature sensor up to 40 °C, sensor head up to 200 °C sensor up to 50 °C, sensor head up to 200 °C
Supply voltage 24 VDC 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Outputs up to 4 analogue (4…20 mA) up to 4 analogue (4…20 mA)
Protection IP54 IP65

Our measuring principle:

Optic moisture sensors utilise the well-known principle that water molecules are stimulated by electromagnetic waves at certain wavelengths (absorption bands) to vibrate and thus to absorb electromagnetic energy. This absorption is compared with that one of water-independent reference wavelengths and computed to % of moisture using suitable models.

Our moisture sensors tri²dent “moist” work according to the same time/same spot principle: the sensor emits light signals of different wavelengths, which can be identified and evaluated by the receiver due to their special modulation. High-quality lock-in amplifiers preprocess the signals in the detector with high frequency and phase accuracy. The LED technology used guarantees a long service life of the light sources. Robust fibre-optic technology with hundreds of individual fibres enables permanent use even in industrial environments.

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