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NIR multi-spectral sensor for material detection and monitoring

Our multi channel sensor platform tri²dentTM is the first compact industrial material sensor on the market! The sensor fills an important gap: while with conventional sensors it is only possible to detect the presence or maximum the colour of an object, the tri²dent material sensors enable the identification and differentiation of organic materials or even the monitoring of ingredients, thus offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive spectrometers!

Sensorik Austria - Materialsensor-Tri²dent
Tri²dent-Scheme-Sensorik Austria

Completely new applications can be realized with the tri²dent material sensors:

  • Identifying and differentiating of various materials due to their different absorption properties, such as:
    • distinguishing plastic from paper
    • packaging recognition
    • plant recognition and much more
  • Monitoring of material application during coating processes
  • Measuring of concentration of the ingredients in transparent or semi-transparent materials

tri²dentTM is a compact sensor for in-line applications, which can also be combined with various fiber optics. Thus, the material sensors can also be used in applications in high temperature ranges or another challenging environments.

Please note that the tri²dentTM sensor is no universal material sensor,  but has to be adapted for specific applications. It has already been applied or tested in different applications and may be applicable in many more. In order to find out the feasibility for new applications an investigation into the absorption properties of the materials involved has to be done.

Please ask for further advice.

Technical specifications Material Sensor Tri²dent
Sensor FSM60N FSM30N
Light range NIR (1-2μm)
(wavelengths should be defined depending on application)
Working distance ca. 100 mm
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC 10-30 VDC
Extraneous light sensitivity insensitive
Outputs up to 4 analogue signals (4-20mA/0-20mA)
Signal indicators green: voltage
yellow: alarm
Protection IP 65 IP 54
Connection clamp connection cable
Operating temperature – 10° … + 50 °C
Fibre optics
quartz glass fibre bundle
Protective coat silicone/steel protective tubing, liquid-tight, temperature up to 250 °C
Light distribution direct
Length 0,3 … 5 m
Sensor head
depending on application

tri²dent - Sensor for Material Recognition

Tri²dent-Material Sensor-Sensorik Austria

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