Light barriers FSP 30 series

Light barriers of the FSP 30 series are predestined for harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, vapours, dust etc.

The transmitter and receiver are effectively protected by a fibreglass- reinforced polyester case.

With their extremely high light output, they offer high reserves against pollution.

FSP light barriers are available in 24 VDC, 115 VAC and 230 VAC versions and with potential-free relay or transistor output.

The versions FSP 30 … 7 – S/E are furthermore insensitive to extraneous light!

Tecnical specifications FSP 30 series (depending on type)
Extraneous light tolerance insensitive to extraneous light (only FSP 30-7)
Function transmitter/ receiver
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 115 VAC / 230 VAC
Switching frequency 100 Hz / 1 kHz
Outputs 2 x transistor/ change-over relay / relay
Connection clamp connection / plug
Measuring range max. 30 m /100 m (with lens optics)
Sensorik Austria - Lichtschranken - FSP30

Advantages (in addition to ELS 30):

  • even higher range: up to 100 m
  • high pollution reserve
  • particularly sturdy
  • potential-free outputs
  • 230 VAC power supply

Application examples:

  • Paper web break detection in paper machine
  • Material detection at annealing furnace
  • Monitoring of wood chip feeder
  • Detection of faulty parts in continuous furnace
  • Stack height monitoring
  • Backlog detection in pitot tube
  • Filling level detection in waste container

FSP 30 Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - FSP30-6-30-7 - Datasheet – your partner for high performing sensor technology

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