Light barriers ELS 30 series

Light barriers of the ELS 30 series are through-beam light barriers, they consist of a separate transmitter and a receiver unit.

They work with a robust unfocused light ray and achieve long ranges due to their high light output.

Technical specifications ELS series (depending on type)
Extraneous light tolerance insensitive to extraneous light (only ELS 30-7)
Function transmitter/ receiver
Switching frequency 100 Hz / 1 kHz
Output pnp+npn (opt. plus function reserve) / analogue (3-8 V)
Connection cable/ plug
Measuring range max. 30 m /100 m (with lens optics)
Sensorik Austria - Lichtschranken - ELS


  • high range: up to 30 m
  • high tolerance against pollutiondue to unfocused light and high light energy
  • alignment of the light barriers does not require any optical aids, a safe function is guaranteed even with a displacement of several degrees
  • ELS 30 ..7 A S/E light barriers are unaffected by extraneous light and are supplied with a connecting cable between transmitter and receiver

Application examples:

  • downpipe monitoring
  • garbage container cleaning
  • aluminium rolling mill

ELS 30 Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - ELS30-6-30-7 - Datasheet

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