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High-performing light barriers

High-performing light barriers from Sensorik Austria feature especially high light intensity and enable measuring distances of up to 100 meters without and 25 meters with fiber optics. Our products also stand out for their high contamination reserve and robustness. Reliable monitoring and detecting of work processes are easily conducted with our light barriers. No matter if to detect paper breaks or objects in a conveyor furnace: the tenacious light barriers ensure reliable process control. Learn more about the operating principles of the versatile product assortment on our website sensorikaustria.com!

Characteristics and functionalities of light barriers

Light barriers work based on the transmitted light principle. Transmitter and recipient are placed opposite from each other. In the initial state the light is transmitted from the emitter to the receiver und forms the name-giving light barrier. Enters an object into the measuring field, the light barrier is disrupted and triggers the switching process. High-performance light barriers made by Sensorik Austria are hard-wearing and can be deployed in demanding applications and rough environments. Aligning the light barrier is easy and doesn’t require optical aids. Even an offset of several degrees still ensures a reliable functionality.

Wide product range for versatile applications

Sensorik Austria provides you with different sensors. Our compact light barriers of the ELS-series can be used in any industrial sector and are flexible in its operational area. For very rough environments as in the paper manufacturing industry we recommend the FSP30 products.

For applications where the light beam is not disrupted during the operational state we offer models with an additional alarm output to monitor pollution of the sensor optic! Fiber optical light barriers are foremostly suitable when used in high temperatures or in areas difficult to access. In this case, the light barrier will be built up by one of our high-performance photo sensors plus a two-armed fiber optic cable.

You are interested in our products and need the fitting accessories? Profit from our air purge for fiber optical sensor heads, our practical lens optics to enable a higher sensing distance or from our changeable protective glasses against flying sparks! Get advice from our competent staff to ease your decision on which of Sensorik Austria’s reliable products is most suitable for your needs!

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