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Fibre optics: When length matters!

Fibre optics, also called light guides, are in many cases a prerequisite for being able to carry out sensory tasks in harsh environmental conditions or at measuring points that are difficult to access.

We manufacture fibre optics – mainly for our own sensor products –, which meet special requirements:

• Fibre optics for photo sensors in demanding applications
• Applications in near infrared range for moisture sensors and NIR material sensors
• Fibre optics for lighting solutions

Sensorik Austria - Glasfaseroptiken -Lichtwellenleiter

Your advantages:

  • special focus on lengths over 5 m to 25 m (!)
  • for challenging environmental conditions: up to 400 °C, liquid-tight, mechanically robust
  • low transmission losses
  • large variety of types for diverse applications

Learn more about the industrial fibre optics and their versatile applications in our catalogue! Or contact us – we would be glad to advise you.

What are light guides and what is their field of application?

Light guides are optical fibres used for light transmission and do – in contrast to those used for telecom applications – not transfer data but pulsed optical signals.

For demanding applications in the industrial field, optical fibres consisting of fibre bundles are recommended. Fibre bundles withstand mechanical stress or the risk of breaking far better than thick single strands and therefore are much more durable. Wider diameters of bundles allow the pulsed light signals to bridge greater distances.  Depending on the application environment, the fibre bundles are configured in robust protective coats that are suitable for the desired temperature and/or fracture resistance or liquid tightness.

Fibre optics, also called light guides, make the realisation of many tasks in the field of measurement technology possible: they lead light signals to the measuring point (and back to the sensor), that otherwise would not be reachable due to high temperatures, contaminations, high moisture  or other factors affecting electronic devices.

Especially in industrial surroundings great distances need to be bridged until the ambient conditions are again fit for electronics. Fibre optics starting from 5 up to 25 meters in length are our specialty. You only get them here!

We at Sensorik Austria have more than 30 years of experience in developing robust and high performing light guides for optical sensors. Thanks to many years of know-how and highest precision we offer our customers high quality and reliability to meet our and all our customers’ needs to the fullest.

No matter if your specific metrology project requires fibre optical systems to measure moisture, recognize materials, colours or object presence: Sensorik Austria provides valuable application possibilities for your company.

Our clients are from versatile sectors of business. Due to that, we can offer a wide range of products. From the paper or metal manufacturing sector to mechanical engineering, our high-grade light guides are robust and for that can be used in any industry.

Fibre optics catalogue

Sensorik Austria - Fibre optic cables- Catalogue

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