tri²dent „vis“ & „uv“

The tri²dent sensors can also be equipped for visible (“vis” from visual) or ultraviolet wavelength range and thus enable interesting new applications:

Use of low colour contrasts

Due to complementary colour principle, the tri²dent sensor can deliberately enhance colour contrasts and thus detect even small colour differences. Also if distinguishing colours from a larger working distance is required, tri²dent “vis” can show its strengths.

Increased protection against counterfeiting due to invisible colour nuances

Invisible UV “colour” marks are used to identify objects that are to be detected by UV sensors in further consequence. Application possibilities range from process control to anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting systems.

tri²dent “vis” enables new concepts to increase counterfeit protection: due to spectral differentiation, different UV “colours” can be used which cannot be distinguished with conventional sensors (and of course not with an unaided eye). This technology opens a new dimension of counterfeit protection for high-quality products and applications!

Technical specifications tri²dent FSM30V / FSM30U
Switching distance / working range depending on specific configuration
Light range* FSM30V: VIS – visible light
FSM30U: UV light
(specification depending on application)
Light output glass / lens / fibre optics
Scanning frequency max. 20 Hz
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Switching outputs 2 x analogue (4-20 mA)
Protection IP 65
Connection shielded cable
Operation temperature sensor: – 10 °C up to + 50 °C
with fibre glass optics: over 200 °C
Weight 200 g
Dimensions diameter 34/30 mm
length 195 mm

tri²dent FSM30V / FSM30U Datasheet

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