Differential sensor FSP 60D - for fast signal changes

While the FSP 25D sensor, which is based on a similar operating principle, was specially designed and optimized for adhesive tape detection in flying splice processes in the paper industry, the FSP 60D sensor is designed for all detection tasks where a rapid signal drop is to be detected in moving processes.

The FSP 60D differential sensor can be adapted to a specific measurement task in a variety of ways:  for the light source, different wavelengths (including IR) and beam angle can be chosen, the switching characteristic can be selected for rising or falling edge, and the impulse duration can also be optionally adjusted.

Application examples:

  • Detection of markings on moving webs
  • Detection of defects (colour defects, holes etc.) on moving webs
  • Motion detection etc.
Sensorik Austria - FSP 60D
Technical specifications Differential sensor FSP 60D
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Output photomos relay
Connection clamps
Switching frequency 5 kHz
Working range depending on measuring task

FSP 60D Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - FSP60D - Datasheet

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