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Splice sensor FSP25D - SensoWeb "Splice"

In order to enable a continuous process, paper webs delivered on tambours must be reconnected before offline coaters, calenders and the like. To achieve this aim as quickly as possible, paper webs are spliced with adhesive tapes in a so-called “flying splice” process – preferably with recyclable adhesive tapes, so that splices can then simply be returned to the pulper.

Splicing must take place just at a moment when two rotating tambours have correct speed and position to each other – and this is where SensoWeb “Splice” comes into play:

Our splice sensor FSP25D enables detection of the position of the applied adhesive tape without additional markings – even and especially when repulpable adhesive tapes are used! Thus, surface speed of a new paper web can be exactly determined and conformed to the speed of the unrolling tambour and splicing can be initiated at the appropriate point in time.

SensoWeb “Splice” also detects repulpable adhesive tapes

The sensor has been optimized for blue repulpable adhesive tapes and is able to reliably detect them over a wide working range, as needed with changing tambour diameters! Web speeds of up to 1,500 m/min and more can also be handled.

Sensorik Austria - Applikation FSP25 Splice
Technical specifications FSP25D – SensoWeb „Splice“
Measuring principle IR-analogue sensor
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Output photomos relay
Connection cable / plug
Switching frequency 10 kHz
Working range 300 – 1,500 / 500 – 1,800 mm

SensoWeb Splice

Sensorik Austria - FSP25 Splice

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