Contrast sensors for industrial process control

Our contrast sensors do not focus directly on the detection of colours, but on the detection of colour differences, i. e. contrasts. They are configured specially for an application and often allow to detect even small colour differences, which could not be distinguished with standard colour sensors.

Our FSP25D and FSP60D contrast sensors are also differential sensors: they don’t just detect colour contrasts, but also respond to rapid signal changes. This means that a switching process is only triggered in case of an abrupt colour change!

Sensorik Austria - Flying Splice - FSP25D

Contrast sensors for special applications

This sensor was specially developed for detection of adhesive tapes used for splicing paper webs at high speeds and varying working distances.

This sensor focuses on detection of rapid signal changes or colour changes over short distances.

Our tri²dent multi-wavelength sensor platform can also be used in the visible and ultraviolet wavelength range to detect visible or invisible colour contrasts.

Tecnical specifications FSP25D – SensoWeb „Splice“ Differential sensor FSP60D tri²dent FSM30V / FSM30U
Supply voltage 24 VDC / 230 VAC 24 VDC / 230 VAC 24 VDC
Output photomos relay photomos relay 2 x analogue (4-20 mA)
Connection clamps / plug clamps shielded cable
Switching frequency 10 kHz 5 kHz max. 20 Hz
Working range 300 – 1,500 / 500 – 1,800 mm depending on measuring task depending on specific configuration

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