Collision prevention with self-monitoring

FSA 42-30 offers optimum functional reliability through permanent electronic and optical self-monitoring. In case of faults, the sensor would be switched off and stop the crane. The crane can only be put back into operation after the damage has been repaired.

One system comprises two devices, one mounted on each crane. Each device consists of transmitter and receiver plus reflector. Even if one device fails (and stop its crane), the opposite one continues to work reliably thanks to the reflector.

Sensorik Austria -Krankollisionsschutz - FSA42


  • self-monitoring, with operational readiness signal
  • range 40 m and more
  • 2 switching points: braking/stopping
  • forced and monitored safety relays
  • backup by means of reflector (in case of failure of the opposite sensor)
  • protective tube for protection from weather and extraneous light
  • protection against optical shortcuts
  • heating module (optional)
  • shock absorbing bearings
  • easy alignment and distance adjustment
Technical specifications FSA42
Sensor voltage (depending on type) 230 VAC / 24 VAC / 115 VDC
Heating module voltage (depending on type) 230 VAC / 24 VDC
Measuring range 40 m and more
Outputs 2 x safety relay (230V/30V, 6A forced and monitored)
1 change-over relay (status signal)
Connection clamp connection
Case fibreglass-reinforced polyester
Protection IP65

Application examples:

  • Collision protection monitoring of overhead travelling cranes
  • Collision protection monitoring of rail-borne vehicles

FSA 42-30 Datasheet

Sensorik Austria - FSA 42-30 - Datasheet

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