Object recognition in explosive zones

In combination with a fitting fibre optic, photo sensors are eminently suitable for use in potentially explosive zones:

Sensor electronics are mounted outside in a protected area, light signals are transmitted to the measuring point via fibre optic cable, no electrical energy is required at the measuring point.

Both retroreflective and light barrier modes are possible.

Sensorik Austria - EX Sensor

The fibre optic cable consists of two parts, a special, gas-tight wall bushing makes it possible to conduct light signals into the isolated Ex zone. This also ensures complete potential isolation between the connected system components.

A sensor can be chosen from a variety of configuration options. Fibre optic cables for this application are equipped with a silicone tubing; their diameter depends on required scanning or measuring range, special designs are also possible for high demands. The length of the fibre optics is max. 12 m for each of two arms.

Our fibre-optic sensors are classified according to ATEX as follows:
Fibre optic cables Ex II (2) G Ex op is IIC T6 Ga
Sensor Ex II (3) G [Ex op is T6 Ga] IIC

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