Sensorik Austria: Premium sensor and fibre optical technology

Sensorik Austria has been a synonym for reliability and innovative power for more than 35 years!

We develop and manufacture robust and high performing sensor solutions for object and/or material recognition and moisture  measurement that – thanks to optical fibres – are far more robust and offer versatile possibilities of application.

Sensorik Austria’s sensor technology is made especially for rough industrial environments and withstands high temperatures, moisture  and contamination. Our sensor solutions for paper and metal industries are in use worldwide in more than 30 countries.

We are proud of our newest innovations: the fibre optical moisture sensors and the NIR-material sensors!

Traditionally we focused on developing and manufacturing sensors for the paper and metal industries, but since our latest inventions our products are also of interest for many other sectors. Convince yourself of our innovative sensor technology and our consistent high-quality standards.

Wide range of sensor technics

Our product range includes a wide choice of different sensors. No matter if you need a sensor for presence control or to differentiate materials: our broad spectrum will convince you!

The following sensor categories are offered at

The tri²dent has been the first compact industrial material sensor on the market. With this sensor, you now have the possibility to detect and distinguish different material compositions – paper from plastic or different synthetics from each other and much more. Or you can even monitor the concentration of components!

With this sensor, measuring moisture even in rough and confined environments is no longer a problem! Optimize process management and get better results with tri²dent “moist”.

Our photo and fibre-optic sensors are used to monitor presence in demanding industrial applications – in the paper industry, in steel mills and other comparable environments. Our durable photo sensors feature as fibre-optic reflectance sensors or light barriers for wider distances and offer a high degree of contamination reserve.

At Sensorik Austria you find customized sensor systems to control and monitor attendance in explosion-protected environments (ATEX sensor systems), to ensure collision protection for EOT cranes or to detect external light sources or glowing objects. For the paper industry we furthermore offer fibre optical detectors for paper break, sensors to monitor belt edges as well as glue tape sensors for Flying-Splice processes.

Sensor component parts from Sensorik Austria

Our assortment contains fitting accessories that you might need for using our sensors. With our fibre optics you can transmit light signals in environments that are hard to access. Cleaning and cooling devices ensure usage, even under very demanding conditions.

If you have further questions or need advice concerning our products, please contact us!