High-performing photo sensors

Ready-made sensors are too unreliable for your purposes? Then you’re right to have a look at Sensorik Austria! For many years we have been specializingin developing and manufacturing high-performance sensors for demanding applications. Our photo sensors are robust and efficient. They make it possible to realize usage, that would otherwise be hard to impossible to be implemented.

Reliable photo sensors for challenging environments

Industrial production is subject to harsh environmental conditions that quickly push many technical devices and components to their limits. But not with sensor technology from Sensorik Austria! Our products can be used in rough, confined or hard-to-reach industrial conditions, for example high temperatures, moisture  or increased contamination.

Due to the sensors high light intensity, even bridging large working distances and contamination reserves is possible. The robust and long (up to 25 meters) fibre optic cables make it possible to transmit light over long distances and therefore position the electronics far away from the actual measuring point in a less demanding environment. No matter if reflectance sensor or light barrier, with or without fibre optics, extensive scanning ranges or fibre lengths – the suitability in inhospitable surroundings and for special applications make our photo sensors versatile and popular. Discover our broad range of sensors and get information about numerous possibilities for their usage!

Customized photo sensors for special applications

For a number of sectors as the paper, steel or aluminium industries we developed specialized solutions and improved them over the years. At sensorikaustria.com you can find sensor technology for the following applications:

Sensorik Austria - Brammenüberwachung

High-quality sensor technology

Our powerful sensor technology is versatilely configurable. Depending on the application, you can order special customized versions when in need of, for example, wider diameters to reach higher sensing range. Furthermore, the products of Sensorik Austria are specialized in working under very difficult conditions. There is a satisfactory solution for nearly all conditions!

You are interested in our photo sensors, but aren’t sure which model perfectly suits your application? Please contact us, we are happy to help!