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Specialized sensors by Sensorik Austria

Decades of experience and the focus on challenging applications made it possible for us to develop and enhance numerous successful and sectoral sensor solutions. Including:

Paper break

Fiber optical break detectors by Sensorik Austria signal paper breaks reliably, also in harsh environments like drying groups or the press section of a paper machine. Decades of experience and newest technology are an optimal combination to offer custom-made solutions with a long durability and service life in the paper industry. The quality of our sensors speaks for itself: they are in use in over 200 paper making machines worldwide.

Sensorik Austria - Papiermaschine

Collision prevention for cranes

Are several overhead travelling cranes in use on the same or neighbouring tracks, it is crucial to eliminate the risk of collision. Sensors specially made for this task detect already from a distance of 40 meters when there is another crane on the same track. That enables a reaction in due time to stop the crane and avert collision. The detection range is not affected by bad weather conditions. Our collision protection sensors feature self-supervision: The sensor monitors its status itself. In case an erroris detected, the crane would immediately be brought to a stop.

Sensorik Austria - Krankollisionsschutz- FSA 42

Web edge sensors

The control of the oscillation of the moving web is of crucial significance for the security in  paper manufacturing or similar processes. With specialized sensors made by Sensorik Austria this is also possible in high temperatures as well as contactless: our fiber optical web edge sensors are available as binary switches or with an analog output for monitoring the area of oscillation.

Applications in potentially explosive environments

Fiber optical sensors are especially valuable in potentially explosive environments as defined by “ATEX”. The sensor system’s optical light intensity in these environments is too small to pose a risk of ignition. As a special feature we also offer solution for gas-tight working areas.

Sensorik Austria - ATEX-Sensoren

Sensors with Background Suppression

Conventional photo sensors can suppress disrupting objects that are in the background of the detected objects only energetically, meaning: by reducing the sensor’s sensitivity. But this also means to reduce the reserve capacity for contamination, a fact not always wished for. We offer you fiber optical specialized sensors with (geometrical) background suppression, that keep their capacity at 100%. That makes them also sufficiently tolerant against pollution.

Sensorik Austria - Sensor mit Hintergrundausblendung

High-performing special sensors for many applications

If also you are confronted with sensorical challenges for which there are no suitable solutions on the market, contact us. We happily accept the challenge and strive to find a custom-made solution fit for your project!