Slab monitoring with Fibre Optic Sensors

High-performance light barriers with special glass fibre optics offer an excellent opportunity to reliably detect objects such as slabs or similar in the high temperature area:

The sensor is mounted outside of the high temperature area, the light signal is transmitted to the detection point by means of fibre optic cable. The fibre optic cable can be configured with asymmetrical arms, the longer arm is guided under the conveyor to the opposite side of the slab. The fibre optic can withstand temperatures up to 300 °C.

Sensorik Austria - Brammenüberwachung

Your advantages at a glance:

  • high-performance sensors: our sensors have maximum light power and thus pollution reserves
  • no cooling measures necessary on site, which leads to:

– lower infrastructure costs (no coolant line is required)
– reduced operating costs
– no risk of cooling failure

  • high misalignment tolerance: while conventional light barriers are often susceptible to vibrations and can cause expensive downtimes in consequence to “loss of contact”, our system is insensitive to vibrations due to the wide light beam and also enables simple and faster startup
  • high range: special light barrier systems can be designed with a range of up to 25 m (with fibre optic cable!)
  • customer-specific configuration: sensor and fibre optics are tailored to the respective task
  • higher availability: no risk of cooling failure or loss of function in case of vibrations
  • available with 1 or 2 switching signals
Sensorik Austria - Brammenüberwachung

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