Colour and contrast sensors for industrial process control

Our special contrast and differential sensors can offer interesting advantages compared with conventional colour sensors when it comes to distinguishing colours at greater distances, selectively enhancing contrast between similar colours, detecting marks in fast-moving objects or even distinguishing UV marks of different UV “colours”.

We offer a wide range of specialized sensors for process management and quality control.

When contrast makes the difference

We offer special contrast or differential sensors for industrial process control. These sensors aim to improve the colour-related differentiation of samples, e.g. in moving processes, through deliberate contrast enhancement. This category includes:

Contrast and differential sensors FSP25D and FSP60D

These are used, for example, for the detection of adhesive tapes in “flying splice” processes in paper production, where individual tambours are spliced to form continuous webs

– Multi-wavelength sensors tri²dent “vis”

Multichannel technology can also offer advantages in visible range comparing with conventional sensors when it comes to deliberately enhancing contrast to distinguish even small colour differences or to enable contrast measurements over greater working distances.

– Multi-wavelength sensors tri²dent “UV”

Even if “colours” cannot be seen in the UV range, there are also tasks that require the differentiation of e.g. UV marks according to wavelength.

Specialized sensors for colour and contrast monitoring

In our sensor program you will find a range of specialized sensors that enable the realization of demanding applications for colour processing. Discuss your requirements with us!