• High performance photo sensors

    extremly high sensing range, in robust metal housing or polyester case

  • Heavy-duty glasfibreoptics

    extremly robust, up to 400°C or 25 meters length,  great variety of configurations, also costumer specific types

  • NIR- Multispectral sensor

    innovative concept, flexible multi-spectral sensor-platform, works according to spectroscopic principle in near infrared or visible wavelengths

  • speciality photo sensors

    ATEX-sensors, high temperature-web edge monitoring, paper break sensors, crane-anti collision sensors, flying splice glue tape sensor


Sensorik Austria used to be the company who has established “sensorics” in Austria and has even gained trademark protection for its name.
Founded in 1984 by Mr. Harald and Mrs. Sonja Holubar, the company began not only as a trading company but soon moved into realizing applicable solutions for the sensoric needs of costumers all over Austria.

In 1986 the company started its own production of sensors and glasfibre optics as it had not been satisfied with what was on the market. The detailed application knowledge has led to develop sensor solution specified for industrial needs: robust, powerful and reliable.
This focus has since proved as the core competitive advantage of Sensorik Austria: tough sensors for roughest environmental conditions.

Since 1990 the company began to systematically work for international costumers and is actually serving costumers in more than 21 countries worldwide in distinct branches.

In december 2008 the company was handed over to a new owner, Mr. Alwin Pichler. Since 2010 we have representative offices in China, India, Russia and Italy.